Company Overview

When investors, shareholders , officers and leadership teams of a company of any size need to resolve problems of under-performance, liquidity or crisis response, Financial Resource Associates (FRA) offers vital insight and strategies for optimizing business potential. FRA provides comprehensive services in:

  • Business Assessment
  • Business Evaluation
  • Profit Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Cash Flow Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Restructuring Solutions
  • Reorganization Solutions
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Strategic Plans & Audits
  • Succession Plans

The seasoned business professionals at Financial Resource Associates are able to bring perspective, quickly helping to assess the situation, focus resources on the key issues, and provide tailored and practical solutions for a successful result. FRA can offer the insight and support of an objective "outsider" with the professional experience of having worked with hundreds of distressed companies in dozens of industry sectors.

Our management team possesses extensive hands-on experience in the key functions across a broad range of industries, with expertise in managing turnaround situations.

To learn what we can do for your situation, please contact us today.