Corporate Restructurings & Reorganizations

Since 1979, Financial Resource Associates’ Restructurings and Reorganizations team has been and continues to be a respected advisor to companies and creditors in the process of a restructuring, reorganization and/or bankruptcy. Our advisors are independent, discreet, objective, and work toward the goals set by our clients. Our vast expertise covers a wide range of situations in nearly every business sector. We have advised in hundreds of engagements representing billions of dollars in assets and liabilities.

Refinancing, reorganization, restructuring, and assessing projects can place a near unmanageable work load on senior management. Our "hands- on" experience with restructuring and refinancing can be a valuable asset in managing or supporting your project or to supplement your management staff. Seasoned professionals are there to assist you with the development and implementation of your plans.

Our advisors help leadership teams and management stabilize finances and operations to assure all involved that proactive steps are being taken. For clients in crisis we:

  • Develop liquidity forecasts, help improve cash flow management, help obtain additional financing, assist in negotiations of loan covenant waivers
  • Guide complex debt restructuring.
  • If needed, provide advisory services to lenders and unsecured creditors of distressed borrowers

For clients who are not yet in crisis, but need assistance in improving performance, we offer:

  • Business Assessment
  • Business Evaluation
  • Profit Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Cash Flow Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Restructuring Solutions if needed
  • Reorganization Solutions if needed
  • Dispute Resolution

To confidentially discuss your unique circumstances, or learn what we can do for your situation, please contact us today.