What We Do

Financial Resource Associates (FRA) is a highly respected and successful profit improvement consultancy that has been serving the Midwest region and beyond since 1979. Best known for its turnaround work, FRA’s team of professionals have also been quietly helping healthy companies invigorate their organization's performance and enhance the bottom line. All of our services and resources revolve around one core goal: Improving a company’s financial health and performance.

Our people and processes are ideally suited to work alongside a client’s management team, helping drive meaningful change with an objective eye. Each associate has been a successful C-suite executive (CEO, COO, CFO) and understands the environment and priorities. Thriving on proactive change and success, they are quick to spot and zero-in on underlying problems. Strategically focused, they are also excellent communicators, accustomed to reconciling proposed actions to the client’s strategy and goals—both short term and long term.

How We Help

Crisis Management: often referred to their clients when a banker believes a commercial loan may be in jeopardy, FRA has built a stellar reputation for quickly adding value and improving cash flow. Savvy business owners and leadership teams don’t wait to be told and know that the earlier they engage an FRA team, the better their outcome.

Interim Executive: the untimely loss of a key executive can be catastrophic if an adequately prepared successor is not readily available. Financial Resource Associates’ team of highly seasoned executives can be counted upon to maintain the company’s momentum while assisting in the search for a replacement.

Temporary Resource: local executives have found Financial Resource Associates particularly helpful in solving longstanding impediments to quality or efficiency. FRA adds a focused resource on a temporary, and sometimes part-time, basis helping the company succeed while remaining lean.

Our overall services:
  • Business Assessment
  • Business Evaluation
  • Profit Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Cash Flow Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Restructuring Solutions
  • Reorganization Solutions

Can be further defined as individual service offerings that include but are not limited to:
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Finance
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Turnaround Planning
  • Asset Disposition & Liquidation
  • Business Planning, Personnel Resources
    • Receivership
    • Chapter 11 Operating Trustee
    • Interim Management
    • Corporate Reorganization
    • Expert Witness
    • Chief Restructuring Officer
    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Assignee

FRA offers a professional approach to assist troubled businesses through critical times. Their efforts are confidential and include:
  • Problem Evaluation
  • Cash Flow Planning and Forecast
  • Developing Options
    • Operating Strategies
    • Strategic Plan
    • Succession Plan
    • Plan Implementation
  • Banking Relationships
    • Lender Negotiations
    • Strategic Audits
  • Debt Restructuring
    • Creditor Negotiations
    • Creditor Representation

To confidentially discuss your unique circumstances, or learn what we can do for your situation, please contact us today.