Throughout our history, Financial Resource Associates (FRA), has assisted many specialized professional groups in supporting their valued clients when our expertise is required. Depending on their client’s situation, we are often called upon by attorneys, bankers, accountants, venture capital investors and others to assist their clients with:

  • Comprehensive Business Assessment and Evaluation
  • Profit Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Cash Flow Improvement Strategies and Insight
  • Restructuring Solutions if needed
  • Reorganization Solutions if needed
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Receiverships
  • Liquidations

Specialized Professional Groups include:


Crisis and turnaround management is a specialty used by many attorneys to help with their business clients in workout situations. Sought by many, the turnaround specialist directs efforts at identifying problems, determining objectives and creating plans for the company.


Lenders are increasingly turning toward more innovative ways to work with their clients. When companies experience liquidity and profit problems, crisis managers are sought to offer assistance resulting in a stronger client and better credit.


These professionals are recommending the use of crisis managers to assist their clients with liquidity and cash flow crisis, problem solving, plan development and implementation.

Venture Capital

Investors are turning toward crisis managers to assist in managing and evaluating their portfolio companies.

To confidentially discuss your clients’ or your unique circumstances, or learn what we can do for your situation, please contact us today.